Lease coming to an end?

We provide a one-stop home repairs and cleaning service, for efficient upkeep and handover of rental homes.

Hassle-free Handover

For Landlords

At end-of lease, landlords are assured of getting back a pleasant unit, immediately ready to welcome the next tenant.

For Tenants

Outgoing tenants fulfill their obligations for final handover and able to get back security deposit without hassles or unnecessary delay.

For Agents

No more hassles co-ordinating with multiple parties, simply focus on closing deals! 

How It Works

1. Involve Us!


We join you during your pre-handover inspection, to assess any repair/cleaning works required for final handover, and advise on distribution of repair responsibilities.  

2. Leave Us Your Keys!


Upon agreement, we take over from you to ensure quality and timely completion - from disposals, handyman fixes, paint touch-ups, to professional moving-out and curtains cleaning.

3. Happy Ending!


We join you during the final handover to ensure a satisfactory and smooth transition between tenants and landlords.


No Disputes

Our handover staff are trained to advise on "grey areas" to prevent haggling over the refund of security deposit to tenants.

No Additional Fees

Our one-stop service model ensures we can complete all home reinstatement work quickly and at a competitive price.  There is also no management fee to us.

No Delays

Our experienced crew checks off quality of work so there are no surprises at final handover or delays in closure.

What Our Customers Say

Abhishek (Tenant, Tiong Bahru Conservation Flat)

"I have had to move houses countless times before but never have I encountered a crew as capable, professional, and personable. From start to finish there was no fuss - they took care of everything from pre-handover inspection with the landlord, repairs, disposal of items, removal of shelvings, cleaning and final handover. No hassle, extremely flexible and accommodating, most importantly always maintained a humble and positive attitude. Respectful, reliable, and highly recommendable!

Ms Low (Landlord, Penthouse at Balmeg)

"I need to prepare my penthouse unit for handover to my new tenant. The moving-out package includes a professional clean, dry cleaning of curtains and several fixes. The team is very detailed in checking over everything, co-ordinating and checking-off everything for me, for a smooth handover! I'm glad the stubborn stains at kitchen-top and on the balcony floor were removed by their cleaners. The best part is - I don't even have to be around and I could just leave the keys to them!"  

Isabelle (Landlord, Oxford Suites Condo)

“My tenants have left my place in a horrible state and I’m glad we found Stay Pleased. They inspected my property, recommended the reinstatement efforts, took over my property for a week (as the work was extensive involving a lot of repairs plus polishing of floor) - we are very happy with the final results, best of all, I could rely on them to check-off the quality done by the different workers!"

Gary (Tenant, Country Park Condo)

"My lease was coming to an end, and as I travel frequently for work, I didn't have time to fulfil the handover requirements. Stay Pleased helps advise and mange all my obligations as a tenant, while I'm away.

I got back my deposit in full without any delay!  

Lidya (Tenant, Parc Imperial Condo)

"I relied on Stay Pleased to help me with all my rental obligations including regular air-con servicing and home repairs. They also helped me with my utilities and broadband activation! Being new to Singapore, Stay Pleased has provided lots of convenience to me by taking care of the nitty-gritty, like a concierge for all my rental needs.

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